Places in Aleshar -the world of ice

Friendly cities
Cyan Bay G'W - C'T
Hillcrest G'T - F'R
Snowhold I'N - D'V
Dwarlow J'T - F'W
Hearthstone F'Q - F'O
Sanctuary I'D - F'L

Friendly villages
Hamlet (maniac) J'S - D'R
Hamlet ('miner' & 'mapmaker') J'M - E'G
Hamlet (smith) G'S - D'S
Hamlet (huntress) I'N - C'S

Air Shrine G'W - B'J
Water Shrine K'N - D'A
Fire Shrine J'C - G'M
Earth Shrine F'M - D'L
Spirit Shrine I'D - D'D
Enemy caves
Dungeon (the Book) I'H - E'A
Heronblade I'S - E'N
The Dragonhammer J'G - C'V
Mythical Axe J'P - F'E
Dungeon (goblins) J'N - F'T
Dungeon/Cave (troll hunters) G'O - E'L
Dungeon (goblins) J'W - E'N
Dungeon (goblins & rocktrolls) H'C - E'W
Dungeon (goblins + special?) H'R - F'X
Dungeon (cave trolls, goblins) H'A - C'B

Misc. / Empty caves
Seer K'G - D'A
Dungeon/Cave (cannot enter?) I'R - E'R
Empty cave J'G - F'W
Empty cave F'S - F'B
Empty cave F'U - E'U
Empty cave F'Q - E'T
Mystery cave (???) H - F (???)

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