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This is my somewhat new, somewhat simple homepage. I don't really keep much of my creations here since my deviantArt gallery is a much more suitable place for my needs. My previous site incarnation had pages for stories and links, and almost for avatars too. I've since decided not to haul them over. Basically what remains is this pretty introduction and the games pages because people apparently actually use those sometimes.

If you've indeed wondered over here from either of the game pages and are wondering whether I'll ever finish the Geneforge maps, I think at this time it's safe to say to not hold your breath. I occasionally think 'oh yes, of course I'll totally work on it some day soon!' I just need some time (and will). But probably it's not going to happen. Although I am hoping to redo the code on both.


- Riibu

email: erica|dot|clothsend|at|gmail|dot|com